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Footie Trader

Footie Trader

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In football trading/investing your job is not to predict the winner of the match, but the probabilities of possible outcomes.

Match Odds Market Trading

My favourite football trading approach! Attack all prices that are wrong, get the volume of trades in and let the mathematical edge play out over a large sample!

Major European Leagues

Focused on Premier League, Ligue 1, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga

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Setting up a trade

Define an edge

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As an investor YOUR objective is not to find out who will win the match but whether chance of winning is x% or not.
Step 1

Trade entry

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If the market is aligned in a way that conforms with the rigid variables of your edge, then you have a trade; if not, then you don't have a trade. Period! No other extraneous or random factors can enter into the equation
Step 2

Stop-Loss Exit

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Your approach has to tell you exactly how much you need to risk to find out if the trade is going to work. It has to be absolutely exact, requiring no subjective decision making
Step 3

Taking Profits

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Divide your position into thirds (or quarters) and scale out the position as the market moves in your favor. Set up a situation in which there is "risk-free opportunity". Do the best you can to pay yourself at reasonable profit levels when the market makes the money avialable.
Step 4

Accepting the Risk

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Be as comfortable as possible with the dollar value of the risk you are taking
Step 5


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Trade your system exactly as you have designed it, no matter what! You cannot deviate, use or be influenced by any other extraneous factors
Step 6

Trading Guidance From Fellow Traders



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It is very difficult to be successful in trading, it takes time, it is a very long journey, nothing is easy without constant mistakes, but every year you will get better, you will learn to minimize losses and deal with them, at the same time increasing your winnings



⚽️|Global Football Enthusiast, Trader🌍📺 ⚽️|Expert of CS Market📚🔎

Create your own style, you will be unique and no one will take that away from you, why throw money at courses, there are plenty of sellers, ask yourself: "would you sell to someone, if it is very profitable", that's business, there is no guarantee, that you will buy and become profitable! work, work, work, if something goes wrong, always analyze what I'm doing wrong, why I'm doing it, how I could do better, how I could improve my strategy, the questions that you have to answer yourself, if you can't do it, you'll never progress, that's why I'm where I am today, I learned everything myself!